What Is The Best Free Keyword Research Tool ?

This is something that I wanted to share with you, the keyword research tool that i have been using online for my websites. Since I began my journey with Wealthy Affiliate, I was able to build my websites, I learned things out from being a newbie with zero-knowledge to what I am now.

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Jaaxy is the only tool for me to research keywords  with high quality and I considered it the best research tool because it helped me a lot on my works with efficiency and accuracy. This tool is very relevant for any marketing campaign to target audience.

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From my previous review about Jaaxy, where  I have covered here the introduction, how to use Jaaxy, Pros and Cons, the monthly payment plan, ways to use Jaaxy effectively and within this review I have given my whole insights about this tool.

This tool saves me time and makes my work easier and it gives me the best idea if I have used that word or phrase as a title for my website or not. It showed me the numbers of competing websites and numbers of traffic monthly.

Here are the 5 phases of the best keyword tool

Phase#1. AVG (Average) – These are the Average Monthly Searches or simply we call it the average number of searches, anyone that does research online found your website if it ranked with Google. That is why you need to consider how many of the potential keyword searches receive monthly.

Phase#2. QSI (Keyword Quality Indicator) – This area will tell you, it will indicate the level or stage of something if the keyword you search is bad, good or better to use for your content.

Green = Great

Yellow/Orange = Normal or OK

Red = Poor

Phase#3. QSR (Quoted Search Results) – This is the number of competing websites ranked in Google with the exact or the same keyword you search. It is good to pay attention to the numbers as a result of the total number of your competition with the same search term.

 Phase#4 SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine.

This is the scoring base on traffic and competition to get the natural or organic results, the higher the score the better chance to rank for the keyword selection.

What Are The Golden Rules of the Best Keyword?

Generally, there are 3 simple rules to follow:

1. Average (AVG) monthly search is greater than 100 – The more visitors or traffic who search that keyword the more potential they will visit your website.

2. QSR (Competition) is less than 100 – the lower number of competition you have the better chance to rank in Google.

3. The keyword makes sense – Make sure that your keyword is grammatically correct, check the spelling if it’s right. If its grammatical error then doesn’t use it instead search another keyword that makes sense.

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