Telepreneur Corp (TPC) Review: Is It Legit or Scam? Must Read!

Hello and welcome to my Telepreneur Corporation review!

Let me guess, you might have been searching online what can you do to make money as another source of income then you are stumbled to my humble website which is I believe, it is meant for you to have a look at it and read as I will be hi-lighting what is Telepreneur or in short “TPC” all about.

Or for some instances, you might have heard about this or someone might have invited you to try and join this business opportunity that was knocking you.

Well, as we are aware, with the help of internet connection nowadays, it makes our life easy and opportunities are everywhere. There are so many online opportunities BUT we as a customer or consumer, we must be VIGILANT and SMART enough to think first or twice before we make our moves, our decisions and to where we involve ourselves. It is our responsibility to decide what is best for ourselves and where is the right place for us to invest.

But before you do so,  I encourage you to do your own research first because engaging into any kinds of business. And I do congratulate you if you did your own research first before committing  into any kind of investment especially in online business.

Because not everything you see online or even offline are legit, scams are everywhere and this is to remind you once again to do your research and be careful. BUT wait, I am not saying that Telepreneur Corp (TPC) is a scam. It's just a warning message for you whenever you have encountered any online businesses that you are not familiar with to conduct first your research keenly.

Read on and find out if Telepreneur Corp is LEGIT or not! Or should I ask, is this business opportunity right for you?

I must suggest to keep reading all the way down this review in order to get more information about TPC company’s products, compensation plan, prices, support, refund policy and many more…

I know that you have made your own keen research as you have reached my very humble website and I must congratulate you for doing so because this is the only way we can save ourselves and find the genuine information and mostly to avoid SCAMS online because by doing our research we find answers, warnings, and correct guidelines.

Why should you listen to me?

Very simple and...

Let me completely transparent with you;

  • I am associated with TPC,
  • I am a load dealer,
  •  I am a member and 
  • A system owner of Telepreneur Corporation (TPC).

With that being said, I am going to discuss and cover all the necessary aspects about Telepreneur Corporation and I will deliver to you all the important information to the best of my knowledge.

That is why I am here to help you decide if this business is right for you or not. I will deliver the right information to you out of my best knowledge, so it’s all up to you to decide after you have read it.

In lieu, I am here to reveal what is Telepreneur Corporation (TPC) all about in my honest-truth review. What are the products, how to avail their products and what is the compensation plan.

So, let’s find out below!


Telepreneur Corp Logo

Telepreneur Corp Logo

Product Name: Telepreneur Corporation (TPC)­­­­­­­­


Since: Year 2012

Founder: President & CEO Lorenzo Rellosa

Product Type: Eloading Business Networks

Number of members: 2 Million & counting

Price: Price Varies – 2,998 / 3,998 / 6,998 / 12,000 / 2,1996 / 45,000 / 300,000 / 1,000,000 Pesos

Membership varies from what  kind of package deal you will choose!

Recommended: YES, YES!

Personal Experience: TPC System Owner

Rating:  94 / 100 %

SUMMARYTelepreneur Corporation

Telepreneur Corporation is an MLM, networking business that caters all the eloading networks existing in the Philippines including the Cignals for televisions and many more. Their product is not only load there are also  tangible products to add on. But the main product is the eloading service.

- Although the business is not perfect just like many other MLM, networking businesses, I like TPC because of it's legality to operate and also the demand of the product since load credit is one of the necessity needed by the people now a days.


Before we go deeper on this review, it's good to know is....

What is TPC stands for?

TPC means “TelePreneur Corporation”

TELEPRENEUR CORP. (TPC) is a company-based in the Philippines, a Filipino owned company, duly registered and founded by its CEO Mr. Lorenzo Rellosa. This company is operating and registered with SEC Reg. No CS201115301.

Photo of CEO, President of TPC MR. Lorenzo Rellosa

Photo of Mr. Lorenzo Rellosa – Founder/CEO of Telepreneur Corporation

Telepreneur Corporation "TPC" is a leading Company in MLM Direct Selling Industry in terms of Network Load, 1 SIM Load All Networks where  you have the ability to cater all e-loading networks operating inside the Philippines with the use of most efficient and fastest E-loading platform and it is a very convenient use for everyone doing this business.

Below is the photo of all the eloading networks that you can possibly load on or in other terms we call it “e-charge”.

  • Smart
  • Talk N Text
  • Globe
  • Sun Cellular
  • PLDT
  • TM and many more... please refer to the image below  as reference.



There's no question as well with the legality of Telepreneur Corp in operating their business because they have their permits and other legal papers to present.

You may have a look below a copy of their permits/legal papers to operate.

  • Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Permit
  • Barangay Clearance
  • Muenchen (Service Provider) Certification
  • Mayor's Permit
  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Certificate
  • And upon doing my research I stumbled to Freedom Of Information website and this is what I found out. Below you will find out a query of conversation on June 27, 2020 between Mr. Ramirez from SEC and Mr. Vicente Graciano Felizmenio, Jr.  from FOI.

    If you noticed, the response from FOI was cut-off because it's just too long for me to capture his response message but if you wanted to see the whole conversation, you can check on this link HERE.

    In addition, Telepreneur Corp also offers TANGIBLE PRODUCTS  which is the (Health & Beauty) products aside from the LOAD but eloading is their main product. We will be also covering some of the tangible products on this review as we are going forward.

    While I'm conducting my own research (as of this day Feb. 08, 2021) I found out that Telepreneur Corp has been in the business since December 31, 2012. So, they have been operating for almost a decade in Networking business and what mostly amazing  about TPC is their members are growing around the world as long as there are Filipinos World-wide.

    Below, will find out what are the E-loading products of TPC.


    Here is a quick summary of E-loading products and Satellites provider of TPC. These are the products that you can finally LOAD by using TPC’s eloading platform.

    Please be noted that I only hi-lighted and listed the top ten (10) companies in my review which is the compilation of both e-loading and satellite providers in the Philippines BUT there are more tied companies with TPC and if you want to view all the products, you can check it out HERE. 

    And I only hi-lighted what is the main important part of each company related  and its background.


    Smart is a wholly-owned wireless communications and digital services subsidiary of PLDT, Inc., the Philippines’ largest and only integrated telecommunications company.

    Smart serves approximately 95% of the country’s cities and municipalities with its combined 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE network*, providing mobile communications services, high-speed internet connectivity, and access to digital services and content to over 73.1 million Filipinos, through its commercial brands Smart, TNT, and Sun. Smart also offers satellite communication services under the brand Smart World.

    I gathered some idea if you want to know how to do the basic loading with Smart. Please see below;

    How To Load Your Mobile With Smart?

    To Load:

    1. MOBILE#<space>AMOUNT or PRODUCT CODE then send to 8724 for SMART/TNT/SUN subscriber only (NO PISO DEDUCTION just maintain ₱1.00 load balance to use 4-digit Access Code for FREE)
    2. MOBILE#<space>AMOUNT or PRODUCT CODE then send to 11 DIGIT GATEWAY

    And for you to see the FULL SMART PRODUCT CODE GUIDE, click HERE.

     2.) TALK ‘N TEXT (TNT)

    TNT is a cellular service of Smart Communications in the Philippines.

    TNT is known for its low-cost packages, catering mostly to the mobile needs of the masses of the Philippines.

    From classics like Gaan Text 10 to unlimited offers like Unlitext Extra 30, TNT provides a wide range of offerings in call, text, mobile internet, and other value-added services.

     How To Load Your Mobile With TNT?

    To Load:

    1. MOBILE#<space>AMOUNT or PRODUCT CODE then send to 8724 for SMART/TNT/SUN subscriber only (NO PISO DEDUCTION just maintain ₱1.00 load balance to use 4-digit Access Code for FREE)
    2. MOBILE#<space>AMOUNT or PRODUCT CODE then send to 11 DIGIT GATEWAY

    And for you to see the FULL TNT PRODUCT CODE GUIDE, click HERE.


    Digitel Mobile Philippines, Inc. (DMPI), commercially known as Sun Cellular is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Digitel, and is one of the Philippines’ leading mobile telecommunications companies.

    It was established by DIGITEL in September 2001 to provide wireless public and private telecommunications services.

    Sun Cellular, offers a wide range of service innovations for mobile telephony from voice, messaging and international roaming services, to wireless broadband and value-added services for consumers and businesses alike.

    It has received accolades over the years with awards such as the Most Promising Telecom Service Provider in Asia Pacific award in the 2009 Frost & Sullivan ICT Award in Singapore.

    How To Load Your Mobile With Sun Cellular?

    To Load:

    1. MOBILE#<space>AMOUNT or PRODUCT CODE then send to 8724 for SMART/TNT/SUN subscriber only (NO PISO DEDUCTION just maintain ₱1.00 load balance to use 4-digit Access Code for FREE)
    2. MOBILE#<space>AMOUNT or PRODUCT CODE then send to 11 DIGIT GATEWAY

    And for you to see the FULL Sun Cellular PRODUCT CODE GUIDE, click HERE.

     is a Philippine mobile phone and electronics brand by Cosmic Technologies, established by Maynard Ngu in 2009. In 2010, barely two years after it started, Cherry Mobile was voted IT Company of the Year in the 3rd CyberPress Awards, upstaging some of the country’s technology giants.

    Most of Cherry Mobile’s current lineup come with Wi-Ficapacitive touch screens and run on the AndroidWindows, and Windows Phone operating systems; a line of smart feature phones running Firefox OS named Cherry Mobile Ace was also sold by the company for a time before it was later discontinued.

    For more details, you can go check their official website HERE.

    5.) Globe Telecom, Inc., commonly shortened as Globe, is a major provider of telecommunications services in the Philippines.

    The company is the largest mobile network operator in the Philippines and one of the largest fixed line, and broadband networks. As of end-September 2019, Globe’s total mobile subscriber base reached 97.4 million, five percent more than its subscriber count from the previous quarter.

    How To Load Globe SIM?

    To Load:

    1. MOBILE#<space>AMOUNT or PRODUCT CODE then send to 11 DIGIT GATEWAY

    If you want to know more about the details, you can browse HERE with Wikipedia.

    6.) TM (formerly known as IslacomTouch Mobile, and Republika ng TM and also known as TM Tambayan) is a cellular service brand of Philippine telecommunications company Globe Telecom.

    TM was launched on September 12, 2001 as Touch Mobile, initially catering to the middle income market, and has since covered lower-income groups as well, making it Globe’s value brand offering.

    How To Load TM Mobile SIM?

    To Load:

    1. MOBILE#<space>AMOUNT or PRODUCT CODE then send to 11 DIGIT GATEWAY

    For more information, please read the whole details from Wikipedia HERE.

    7.) Cignal is a Philippine satellite television and IPTV provider, owned by Cignal TV Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of the MediaQuest Holdings Inc. under the PLDT Beneficial Trust Fund.

    Cignal’s prepaid electronic loading system is powered by Smart Communications, Inc. Cignal uses VideoGuard encryption system to protect its content from signal piracy.

    To read more information, please click HERE to direct you to Wikipedia site about Cignal.

    How  To Load Cignal?

    To Load:

    To load Cignal, type mobile #<space>code send to Gateway.Ex. 09123456789 SD175 send to gateway.

    And for you to see the FULL Cignal PRODUCT CODE GUIDE, click HERE.

    8.) Sky Direct is a direct-broadcast satellite subscription television service in the Philippines owned and operated by Sky, a subsidiary of ABS-CBN Corporation.

    Sky Cable has been eyeing for a DBS service and considered on acquiring Dream Satellite TV from Antonio O. Cojuangco, Jr. The acquisition of Dream was reported to have reached an advanced stage but for some undisclosed reasons, the deal was not sealed.

    If you want to know more about the details, you can browse HERE with Wikipedia.

     10.) PLDT formerly known as

     Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (Filipino: Kompanya ng Teleponong Pangmalayuan ng Pilipinas), is a telecommunications, internet, and digital service holdings company in the Philippines.

    It is one of the country’s major telecommunications providers, along with Globe Telecom. Founded on November 28, 1928. It is the oldest and largest telecom company in the Philippines, in terms of assets and revenue.

    How To Load PLDT SIM Phone?

    To Load:

    1. MOBILE#<space>PRODUCT CODE then send to 11 DIGIT GATEWAY

    To know more about PLDT, Inc. and to direct you to their own official website please click HERE.

    10.) SATLITE

    Is the newestay and nationwide Prepaid Digital Pay TV service powered by Cignal.

    Viewers will be able to view the channels much clearer and they can watch more channels with affordable prices.

    SatLite box and kits is available within your closest area cignal dealer.

    You can also avail to load the lowest 99 Pesos, Load 199 at Load 299 to your Cignal provider o Smart retailer.

    To get more information about SatLite and to direct you to their official website, you may click HERE.

    You can also check the GUIDE on how to load step-by-step Satlite  HERE.


    Here is the list of the tangible products that Telepreneur offer aside from the load they carry. Here are some of the selection for your choices;

    • Coffee with different flavors.
    • Facial and Body Soaps
    • Body Supplements
    • Massage Oil
    • Face and Body Scrub

    1.) Black Coffee

    SRP: ₱190.00

    Black Coffee – This coffee contains gingko that sharpens brains memory, Agaricus mushroom that stimulates the immune system and Tongkat Ali to enhance sexual performan

    2.) Cappuccino Coffee

    SRP: ₱230.00

    Cappuccino Coffee – Is a combination of Acai Berry and Goji Berry that is rich in Anti-oxidants that boost the immune system.

    3.) Choco

    SRP: ₱250.00

    Choco has gingko biloba that sharpens brain memory and Guto Kola that is used as traditional herb medicine by the Chinese.

    4.) Latte Coffee

    SRP: ₱200.00

    The powerful ingredients of spirulina for weight loss, Agaricus to stimulate the immune system and moringa that contains proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

    5.) Kojic Soap

    SRP: ₱140.00

    Kojic soap removes pimples, mildly exfoliates, nourishes, rejuvenates, and lightens the skin by inhibiting melanin formation.

    6.) Oatmeal Soap

    SRP: ₱140.00

    Helps remove dead skin cells that can treat acne, eczema, rosacea, at the same time rashes, and reduce pore size.

    7.) Glutathione Soap

    SRP: ₱140.00

    Whitening soap and skin moisturizer formulated to make your skin soft smooth, healthy and beautiful.

    8.) Lemon Soap

    SRP: ₱140.00

    It relieves eczema and similar skin conditions and improves signs of aging on the skin, such as age spots. Improves oily skin due to its astringent properties.

    9.) Spirulina

    SRP: ₱240.00

    Spirulina is incredibly high in protein and nutrients. It is one of the most potent nutrients sources available and largely made up of protein and essential amino acids.

    10.) Sodium Ascorbate  (Vitamin C)

    SRP: ₱300.00

    Sodium ascorbate, a water-soluble salt, contains ascorbic acid or vitamin C combine with sodium. As a nutritional supplement, it provides less acidic alternative compared to common ascorbic acid.

    11.) Serpentina

    SRP: ₱480.00

    Raunwolfina serpina contains a number of bioactive chemicals, including Yohimbine, Reserpine, Aimaline, Deserpine. A compound which contains reserpine is used to treat high blood pressure and mental disorders including Schizophrenia.

    12.) Moringa

    SRP: ₱270.00

    Moringa leaf boosts your energy in a natural manner and is a remarkable source of nutrition. Another property of Moringa leaf is its soothing ability which can lower the blood pressure and promotes good sleep.

    13.) Sampaguita Massage  Oil

    SRP: ₱280.00

    A great herbal oil came from a unique blend of chosen herbs with liniment that nourishes both body and mind.

    14.) Lavender Massage Oil

    SRP: ₱280.00

    A great herbal oil came from a unique blend of chosen herbs with liniment that nourishes both body and mind.

    15.) Face & Body Scrub

    SRP: ₱850.00

    Promotes healthy skin, helps purify pores to increase healing and helps, against Eczema, Psoriasis, pimples, acne ringworms and warts effective in removing body odor.


    The simplest way to become a member of TPC is to sign up as a dealer or distributor and become a system owner of load. Just like any other kind of businesses, you need a capital to invest, meaning you will need to purchase any of the following kits/packages to start your own eloading business.

    Here are the options with different package prices for you to check on;

    1.A) Silver Package - ₱2,998 

    There are 2 options if you choose this package investment. Either the amount of  ₱2,998 or ₱3,998. You will find out what's the difference below these prices under INCLUSIONS.

    This package is a single account only (one-head investment). If you choose to purchase this package, you will be getting all these bonuses as a package dealer;

    • 50 Activation Credits for System User (You have the possibility to earn ₱10,000 from the 50 SIM activation credits if you are able to sell them all.  
    • Php 300.00/Direct Referral
    • Php 700.00/Pairing
    • Safety Net: 100 Pairs/Level, 5th Pair Cycle (points to be redeemed in exchange for hot items), 0.25 point per 5th pair


    • 1 Paper bag
    • 1 Marketing brochure
    • 1 Tarpaulin
    • 10 Telco Product Code Guide
    • 10 E-pins product Code Guide

    NOTE: With the ₱2,998 Silver Package investment, there is NO phone included.

    1.B) ₱ 3998 DEALER PACKAGE

    What are the benefits included within this dealer package of ₱3,998  pesos? Well, I will just simply type what is shown in the photo below.


    • System Owner Web Account
    • 1 Dealer SimCard
    • 1 Keypad Cellphone
    • 404 Load Wallet LC
    • 1 Bag System Guides
    • 1 Tarpaulin
    • 50 Activation System User
    • 24/7 Help Support

    NOTE: If you choose this package deal investment of ₱ 3998, there is a KEYPAD PHONE included for you to use with your customers.

    2.) Gold Package – ₱6,998.00

    If you purchase this package, you will be getting all these bonuses as a package dealer;

    • 120 Activation Credits for System User (Earn as much as ₱24,000 by simply selling all the activation credits)
    • Accident Insurance worth Php 200,000.00.
    • Php 500.00/Direct Referral
    • Php 1,000.00/Pairing
    • Safety Net: 10 pairs/cycle, 1st Cycle: 12:01am to 12:00nn, 2nd Cycle: 12:01pm to 12:00mn and with flush-out


    • 1 Paper bag
    • 1 Marketing brochure
    • 1 Tarpaulin
    • 10 Telco Product Code Guide
    • 10- E-pins Product Code Guide
    • TPC Tangible Products

    Earn an additional 10% of every pairing bonus of your direct sponsors.

    3.) Platinum Package – ₱12,000.00

    If you purchase this package, you will be getting all these bonuses as a package dealer;

    • 200 Activation Credits for System User (Earn as much as ₱40,000 by simply selling all the activation credits)
    • Php 1,000.00 Load Pocket
    • Php 1,000.00/Direct Referral
    • Php 2,000.00/Pairing
    • Safety Net: 100 Pairs/Level (for Silver), 128 Pairs/Level (for Platinum), 5th Pair Cycle (points to be redeemed in exchange for hot items), 1.00 point per 5th pair


    • 1 Paper bag
    • 1 Leather bag
    • 1 Marketing brochure
    • 1 Tarpaulin
    • 10 Telco Product Code Guide
    • 10 E-Pins Product Code Guide
    • TPC Tangible Products

    4.) SGP – Silver Gold Platinum – ₱21,996.00

    If you purchase this package, you will be getting all these bonuses as a package dealer;

    • 370 Activation Credits for System User (Earn as much as ₱74,000 by simply selling all the activation credits)
    • Accident Insurance worth Php 200,000.00
    • Php 1,000.00 Load Pocket
    • Php 1,800.00/Direct Referral
    • Php 3,700.00/Pairing
    • Safety Net: 100 Pairs/Level (for Silver), 128 Pairs/Level (for Platinum), 5th Pair Cycle (points to be redeemed in exchange for hot items), 1.25 point per 5th pair


    • 1 Paper bag
    • 1 Leather bag
    • 1 Marketing brochure
    • 1 Tarpaulin
    • 10 Telco Product Code Guide
    • 10 E-Pins Product Code Guide
    • TPC Tangible Products

    5.) MS – Mobile Stockist – ₱300,000.00

    If you aim to be a Mobile Stockist, be willing to invest 300k pesos and enjoy the benefits being a system owner.

    Below are the requirements to qualify yourself as a Mobile Stockist.


    • Should have 7 activated SGP Accounts to become a Mobile Stockist.
    • At least One (1) Month Active member of TPC.


    • 7 Platinum (codes and marketing tools only), 7 Gold Packages and 7 Silver Packages
    • 500 Activation Credits for System users worth PHP 100,000.00
    • Php 20,000 Load Pocket (ALL NETWORKS)
    • Php 17,000.00+ worth of Tangible Products (with PV) (NET of 25% Discount)
    • 1 Starmobile Play Click LTE Phones
    • 1 Cignal Prepaid kit


    • Free M.S. Tarpaulin
    • Marketing Tools
    • 5,000.00 one time support
    • 3 BOM support ( Php 3,000.00 each)


    • 2% on top of load pocket (LP) for the succeeding purchases.
    • 30% discount on Tangible Products for the succeeding purchases.
    • Php 30.00 discount per Silver Package.
    • Php 70.00 discount per Gold Package.
    • Php 120.00 discount per Platinum Package.
    • Php 220.00 discount per SGP Package.

    6.) CS – City Stockist

    ₱1,000,000.00 – as of January 1, 2021


    • One government issued ID (Preferably with indicated address)
    • System owner for 1 month
    • Letter of Intent for CS
    • Information Sheet for CS
    • Member must attend CS Seminar (Explanation for Company’s Rules & Regulations, Duties & Responsibilities of City Stockist, Minimum Load Sales per month, Physical Office and Tagging)


    • 30 Silver Packages, 20 Gold Packages and 15 Platinum Packages
    • 3,000 Activation Credits for System users
    • Php 150,000 Load Pocket (ALL NETWORKS)
    • Php 34,000.00+ worth of Tangible Products(NET of 25% Discount)
    • 300 Reseller’s Kits
    • 150 KMD Subscriptions


    • Free C.S. Tarpaulin
    • Php 25,000.00 one time support
    • 8 BOM Support (Php 3,000.00 each)


    • 3% on top of load pocket (LP) for the succeeding purchases.
    • 35% discount on Tangible Products for the succeeding purchases.
    • Php 60.00 discount per Silver Package purchased.
    • Php 140.00 discount per Gold Package purchased.
    • Php 240.00 discount per Platinum Package purchased.
    • Php 440.00 discount per SGP Package purchased.

    There's also another way to become a member of TPC and own an eloading platform system. This is by availing one of the RETAILERS or a DEALERS  package of TPC.

    But wait, you must want to ask what does it mean by a Retailer and a Dealer.



    RETAILER means a  person or business that sells goods to the public in relatively small quantities for use or consumption rather than for resale.

    With TPC, retailer are the ones that sells load to customers.

    Retailer is also known as a System User.

    DEALER a person or business that buys and sells goods.

    With TPC, dealer are the ones that can purchase load from MS (Mobile Stockist) and sell it to Retailer.

    Dealer is also called System Owner.


    This is also another way for you to become part of Telepreneur Corp eloading system if you want too but in my opinion it is better to be one among the load suppliers than a retailer.

    Because in networking business, the more profit you invest; the more  profit you will get in return BUT ofcourse it doesn't mean if you invested your money you will make a lot of money... that is a big NO!

    You also need to work on it in order to get target profit. And I do not advise to invest as a retailer because just do the basic mathematics;

    As they say, invest with small money, you will reap less BUT if you invest with the highest price, you will reap your bigger rewards.

    Below are the following RETAILER’S PACKAGE options;

    1.) ₱300 – SIM ACTIVATION


    ✅ 100 Load Wallet – This Load Wallet is what you can sell to anyone or good for personal use.

    ✅ 5 SIM Activation – means you can also activate more 5 sims for free in any part of Philippines.

    2.) ₱499 RETAILER’s PACKAGE

    Product details of Telepreneur Retailer Kit

    • System User Kit

    Here is the 499 Retailer Kit Includes:

    ✅ Retailer Sim (LoadAllnetworks, cables & online games)

    ✅ Retailer Plastic Tarpaulin (LOAD NA DITO)

    ✅ Retailer’s Guide/Brochure

    ✅ FREE Initial 100 loadwallet

    ✅ Product Guide & Price List

    ✅ FREE 5 System SIMs Activation

    ✅ 24/7 Help Desk

    ✅ 2 ways to earn.

    3.) ₱799 RETAILER’s PACKAGE

    If you avail this retailer's package, here is the inclusion:

    ✅ 1 Retailer SIM (can load all networks, cable’s 8 & online games)

    ✅ Retailer's Tarpaulin (Load Na Dito)

    ✅ Loading Guide/Brochures

    ✅ Initial FREE Load Wallet

    ✅ FREE 5 SIM Activation

    ✅ 24/7 Help Desk

       4.) ₱999 RETAILER’s PACKAGE

      ✅ FREE Basic Phone

      ✅1 Retailer SIM (can load all networks, cable’s 8 & online games)

      ✅ Retailer's Tarpaulin (Load Na Dito)

      ✅ Loading Guide/Brochure

      ✅ FREE Initial 100 Load Wallet

      ✅ FREE 5 SIM Activation

      ✅ 24/7 Help Desk

    4.) ₱1388 RETAILER’s PACKAGE


      ✅ 1 Retailer SIM

      ✅ 1 Basic Keypad Phone

      ✅ 5 System SIM Activations

      ✅ Mini-Tarpaulin

      ✅  Loading Guides/Brochure

      ✅ 24/7 Help Desk


    Just like many other MLM, Networking businesses, there are 2 main ways for you to make money with TPC:

    1. By selling TPC's products and services to earn retail profits from your customers' expenditure.
    2. Recruit people and build your downline teams to qualify for residual income and other bonuses.
    3. Personal consumption


    There are 8 ways on how to get compensated with TPC as a load dealer, distributor or system owner.

    1.) Activate System User

     -  Php 200

    - There is a 300 pesos in every SIM activation. Each SIM cost 200 pesos fee to activate and 100 pesos is the load wallet.


    Computation: Php 200 - Activation Fee

                                    Php 100 - Load Pocket

                                    Php 300 - Suggested Retail Price

    You will earn Php 200 in every single SIM activation and in every Activation, the reseller or activated users has the benefit to activate 5  system users, it's a repeat processed. 

    2.) Uni-Level Bonus / Monthly Rebates 

    - .20% Rebates

    - This is from your dealers who joined under you, they just need to maintain 7,000 Php a month within the cut off to earn 0.20% per sale rebate.

    - Earn up to 10th level of your organization, you will get .20%  as a system owner under your team.

    3.) Sponsorship Dealer

     - 300 Php

    is where you endorse, post on any Social Media, share and promote. So someone sign up under your sponsorship.

    For Example: Someone avail 3,998 package membership under your sponsorship, you will get 300 Php for  every person you refer.

    4.) 1% TOP UP Replenishment (System Owner's Override)

    - Every time you sell a load from your reseller, you will get 1% from the total load as a top up   a day.

    So for example;

     If we purchased worth of 500 Php load 

    We will receive 505 Php in return with the 5 pesos as a top up.

    5.) Matching Bonus

    - 700 Php

    - There is an additional 700 Php once  someone singed up under your sponsorship on your left and right side which make it as a match sales.

    6.) Lifetime Discount

    - 2% discount on Smart, Sun at TNT and

    - 5% discount on Globe/TM.

    Example: Every Smart load users bought a load from you for 100 Php, only 98 pesos will be less to your load wallet and you will save 2 pesos, plus the 3 pesos top up to your customer.

    7.) Indirect Referral 

    Additional 20-30 pesos each system owner who joined under your organizations or Team even if they did not join directly from your sponsorship.

    8.) Unilevel 3

    - This is all from the command you made with charges, every 20th of the month you will receive  you additional income from the total fees charged from by the company. 50% of all charges will be divided between you and TPC from the 1st level to 10th level of your organization or team.

    You might want to know what are the commands?

    Here are some of the commands we normally use in loading system:

    Balance Inquiry - 2 Php fee                            Encash - 50 Php

    Help - 2 Php                                                             CFund-Afund - 10 Php

    Convert - 10 Php                                                   Earnings Notif - 2 Php

    And yes, for more detailed explanation you can watch on the below video and it should explain more what is TPC compensation plan about.


    We all aware in any kinds of business its either offline which is the traditional business or online business, there's always the disadvantages and advantages.

    So in my case, I will share with you what I don't want with TPC.

    But wait... don't get me wrong on this because TPC is a reputable and it is a good company in many ways. It's just that there are things I wanted to mention and share with you.

    Well, first thing will find out is the PRO or things that I don't like.

    1.) SUPPORT

    24/7 Help Desk

    So when you are facing any issues and difficulties, you can send  your queries to Help Support through SMS only or call, you can also chat to one of the TPC groups where your team belong to ask your query.

    2.) PRODUCT

    - This is one of the reasons why I like TPC because of its main product - LOAD. Load is in demand in any part of the market especially if we live in the Philippines also load nowadays is one of the necessity needed by human.


    - Yes, you can also load your customers wherever part of the world you would be as long as you have a good internet connection and gadgets to use. 

    4.) INCENTIVES - Wow, isn't it amazing to received these incentives? But only when you reaches  the positions mentioned above.

    Travel Incentives:
             * Local Tour - When a dealer reach Grand Duke position
             * Asian Cruise - When a dealer reach Prince position
    Car Incentives:
             * Car Incentives - When a dealer reach Emperor position


    - I think this is one of the best part of having an eloading business where you don't have to worry or deal with rental expenses or paying any employees because you can just simply do your business from the comfort of your home by yourself or with the help of your family members.


    - Yeah, when I started my loading business I was so afraid to make mistakes with the thought that I will lost that transaction but I was wrong. You can always ask for a REFUND with the RF command if you wan too.

    These are just some of the things why I like TPC, there are more though but I know it will take us too long to mention all.

    The next thing I will be discussing is the dis-advantages of TPC.......


    Now let me be straight forwarded to what I don't really like with TPC.

    1.) Only good for Filipinos - So it is not for everyone, only good when you live in the Philippines or if you are Filipino Overseas (OFW's).

    2.) No Refund Policy - Yes, so once you become a member, your membership is non-refundable okay BUT load is refundable. 

    P.S. You can correct me on this if you found me wrong, don't worry.. I'll stand corrected.

    3.) Product Codes Update - This is the part that I don't really like it much because codes always change. Imagine if you already use to the previous then they will just change without a prior notice. You will just get notification, memo from your group leaders or upline.

    4.) Not a Global Market - Yeah, as I mentioned earlier TPC eloading is only good for Filipinos because the network load provider are also in the Philippines. So if you are not Filipino then this business is not for you!


    No definitely TPC is not a scam and I can assure you on that. This corporation has been in the business for 9 years and counting and many members has been helped and changed their lives for the better.  Many of the members who became financially breakthrough and have achieved their goals in life with the help of TPC. 

    Specially this pandemic  had really helped them with this opportunity for their business to become more successful because it has given all the online business the opportunity to make more money as the source of living.

    Online businesses are booming and thriving. Some people will say from "RUGS TO MILLIONERS" because it's for real, they have reached their turning point of SUCCESS!

    Kaya ikaw kababayan ko, mag papahuli ka pa ba? Or sasabay ka na sa amin at sabay natin buuwin ang mga pangarap natin sa buhay.

    Kung ready ka na kabayan at gusto mo umpisahan ang eloading business mo, mag leave ka lng po ng comment below po sa comment box natin and I will be glad to assist you po.

    Or pwede nyo din po ako i message sa personal FB account ko po (Lei Aubrey Bryeil), paki click na lng po ung link below! ⬇⬇⬇

    And before I will end this review, I will be sharing you some of the testimonies of the successful TPCians. 

    There are many more shared testimonies but it will cover all my pages with images if I take all of their photos.

    Here are some of my captured ones.














    So guys sa mga interesado po na magkaroon ng eloading business sa Pinas kahit saan ka man sa mundo at desidido ka na gawin itong business na ito, whag po kayong mag-alinlangan  na kontakin ako at pki-click po ung CLICK HERE image sa ibaba po pra mkapag-usap po tayo ng mabuti at maiguide ko po kayo ng tama.

    Maraming-maraming salamat po kabayan, God bless!


         If YES po ang sagot nyo,  I will be happy to assist you!

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  • Hello Leila,

    Hello Kabayan, and what a very comprehensive review about TPC. I, too, have been a subscriber of the utilities they offer, but postpaid, like Smart, PLDT and Cignal TV.

    I really like how you presented this article going as far as introducing the company and its founder. Good job on explaining each of the packages and all their inclusions. I agree they are not a scam and thank you for your recommendations.

    • Hi Lemuel,

      Thank you for your time checking out my review and for letting me know about the issue of my website, it is now fixed. I really do appreciate it.

      Yes, I recommended because not only for being legit but also it’s portable where you can also do TPC business on a side even if you are abroad, I do it myself as a side business.

      Salamat ulit Kabayan, God bless and stay safe!


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