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Getting Started: The Beginner’s Path

You must have searched for alternatives to “Make Money Online” while working full-time, traveling, or stay at home. Well, you just found the right place and I will be redirecting you shortly in the right direction.

I was once like you who was employed living paycheck to paycheck every week and it feels so sad, tired, drained and exhausted to be in this situation that’s why I have searched Google and type the same words as “how to make money online” and it directed me to that post where it led me to where I am now.

The Turning Point

I never knew anything about affiliate marketing, SEO, niche, keywords, or anything in the online industry, I was a total newbie and everything was new. Not until I got stumbled to WEALTHY AFFILIATE.

Wealthy Affiliate had taught me everything from Zero-Knowledge to being a Premium member it has changed everything.

You can read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate here with more details.

Wealthy Affiliate is a free program to try out for 7 days. No credit card required with community support, live chat, webinars, and training. 

You can also click on the image below to see and try it yourself. This program is for everyone and there’s always room for a newbie and or experienced.


Hi, I'm Leila founder of Reliable Affiliate Marketer.com. A blogger and an internet marketer. My website is about reviewing digital products where I can also share my personal views if this product is reliable or not. I am also passionate about providing information for newbies which is a MUST to know in the fields of online marketing. Nowadays, it is advisable to have your own website for a living, be an affiliate marketer because affiliate marketing is just the best yet hard-easy means of "making money online". It only requires a laptop and an internet connection and you ROCK!

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