Starlegends Adventures Travel and Tours (SATT) Review: Legit System or Scam?

I know there are tons of product and program reviews on the internet and I only have a few seconds to capture your attention.

So, very quickly  WHY you listen to me and spend your precious time reading my SATT review?

Very simple…

I am a current member at Starlegends Adventures Travel and Tours.

So, in this case, I have a few questions for you.

Have you ever dream to own a Travel and Tours agency? Would you like to have one and be the boss of your own?

Well, I was just like you who were looking for an additional source of income aside from my full-time 8-4 job.

I will try to deliver my review thorough the best knowledge that I know and yes, of course, I am not making this review for you to convince to join.

I intently do this review to help you decide if this business opportunity is for you or not.


Let Me Share You My Short Story

I am an OFW who currently residing in American Samoa ( US Territory) one of the Pacific Islands since 2007.

Happily married and we are blessed to have two adorable kids ( 5 years old girl & a 10 months baby boy. I am currently employed as an Admin Officer and at the same time Cashier to one of the car dealerships in American Samoa, Toyota Asco Motors.

Aside from my full-time job, I am an entrepreneur who loves to do business online.

Before I stumbled to this Travel and Tours opportunity, I was currently working on my other online business.

I found the best place for me to HOST MY WEBSITES with the most advanced, sophisticated, group of expert and professional people all over the globe, a website PLATFORM where you can grow with a solid foundation.

During my lunch break, I always browse the web, thinking about what can I do to make another side job income?

Something I can work from home, an online home-based business that I can call my own. 

 And there….

Something pop-up to my newsfeed about travel and tours business. 

Suddenly it fully grabbed my attention and upon reading the information, this is what it tells me about the company….


Introducing Starlegends Adventures Travel And Tours

Is a Philippine-based company founded by Aiza Molina since 2012 as Aizy Travel Services, and last year, exactly 18th of July we have officially launched it as StarLegends Adventures offering the franchising, sub-agent or affiliate opportunity  that provides and arranges travel and tourism-related services to the public; 

Worldwide Ticketing (Domestic & International), 

Hotel Accommodations, 

Cruise Lines, Ferries & 

Bus Transportations, 

Visa assistance and Package Tours.

All Network Mobile E-Loading Business in the Philippines.


 Starlegends Adventures Travel and Tours 

Has now thousands of affiliates and because we are using proven and tested system in the industry such as AMADEUS which is the most advanced travel technology that helps businesses connect to the global travel ecosystem, manage operations more effectively and serve travelers better than ever.

Be advised that we are duly registered and is accredited by all the necessary gov’t offices as STARLEGENDS ADVENTURES TRAVEL & TOURS, especially within the sector of Department of Tourism.

And yes, in just a span of time SATT has been recognized as a Multi-Awarded company and received many different recognition awards, attached with this is the legitimacy to operate the business.



What Are The Main Goal Focus?

Starlegends Adventures Travel and Tour’s main purposes are:

1.)  To promote our country Philippines as one of the top rank tourist destinations and tourist spots as we have more to offer. 

2.) To provide fellow Filipinos a lucrative business opportunity within the travel and tourism industry through an online home-based business.

3.) SATT is dedicated to helping people to provide high-quality travel services to any clients all over the globe with efficiency, enjoyable, relaxing experiences and great satisfaction.

The company will make it possible by providing you a step by step online training modules and online mentoring for you to gain more knowledge and answer your queries on how to start your own online home-based business travel and tours. 

With SATT, you don’t need to be a degree holder nor no experience required, you don’t have to be a techie as well and if you have been into the travel industry already and that is a must.

But for all of the newbies, you don’t have to worry about that because there is a platform provided in our group once you will become a franchisee to use and follow as your guide to start up. 


OWN Your Mobile/Home Travel & Tour Business

  1. Franchise Program

All-In-One Booking System

where you can save on your personal travel or, sell & profit

from our WORLDWIDE services on:

-Low-Cost Airline Ticketing (Domestic & International)

-Tour Packages


-Visa Assistance

-Ferries & Bus Transports

-All Network Mobile E-Loading Business in the Philippines 


We provide

*Step by Step Training Online



*Access to our exclusive group of vigorous & excellent Leaders to help and guide you.


    2. Affiliate Program

*Access to Earn Unlimited Commission from 1000, 7 500, 50 000 up to 1 Million Pesos

just by referring us to someone interested to do the business.

* Access to our Incentives of Cash Prize Bonuses & Free Travel.


You just need to be COACHABLE, follow the training and tutorials and you will learn knowledge and you will become confident from it. Through time anyone can personally own and run an ALL-IN-ONE BOOKING SYSTEM and be a globally competitive travel agent.


Pros and Cons of SATT


1.) The membership is only P6990 but only for a LIMITED time and until PROMO ends.

  • Where in the world can you get a capital to run your own Travel and Tours?

Not anywhere, only at SATT!!

2.) Personal Coaching- The best thing about it is, you can directly contact, message, call, interact with the owner/founder of SATT Ms. Aiza B Molina.

3.) Innovation- They always find ways to improve services and products with the use of advanced technology.

4.) No experiences, background needed

5.) You don’t need to be a TECHIE

6.) No Level or Standard required

7.) Not a degree holder? No problem at all!



1.) Exclusive only for Filipinos

2.) Cash Basis – you won’t be able to make bookings if your portal balance is not enough.

3.) New Website Is Under Improvement which is going to be launched in September 2019.


Does Starlegends Adventures Offer Any Training And Support?

The biggest problem I have seen with aspiring entrepreneur marketers over the years is the HELP or lack of support but thank goodness Starlegends Adventures Travel and Tours has system support that offers any help whenever you needed too.

From the admin staff up to the owner/founder of this company who has been passionate about helping others besides her hectic schedules, the founder Ms. Aiza Molina has been actively engaging around the community and always involve herself whenever possible.

Ways of Communication Support :

  1. Private Message – You are open to messaging anyone privately through Messenger, Email, Telegram Messenger or whatever account you are connected with.
  2. Community Engagement – We do have a chat group of amazing people who are helping each one another, so whenever you have any queries you always welcome to ask.
  3. CBR or Call Back Request – This is when urgent matters involved and you want one of the admin staff to help you out.
  4. Phone Calls – If you want to get in touch with the CEO, Office staff or other members. You can call them anytime. Just a ring away.

        But I don’t recommend this way of communication as it will cost you              minutes or echarge especially for long distances. 


If you’re worried about the training for your guide to starting your business, well it’s not a problem since there is a room for that.

This is an example of the video recorded training provided inside SATT that will help you answer your queries.



At this point, I don’t want to consume so much on your time and pitch here as I was just giving you an introduction for what is our business is all about and if you are keen on the price offer and interested to own your travel and tours business, well…

What are you waiting for? Decide now before it’s too late!

Be The Boss Of Your Own!

Maximize the Earning Potential in this very competitive and rich industry.

Be coachable as we are here to guide you all the way.


Who is Starlegends Adventures Travel And Tours For?

We all know that every business opportunity is not for everyone. Even if we already know the fact that it is going to work for you if you don’t have the right attitude or qualifications, it will simply not work.

So Who Are The Right People?

Well, these are the people with the deepest reasons why they wanted to explore the opportunities offered for them.

People who are open-minded, willing to sacrifice and work hard to achieve their goals not only for themselves but to those who think about the future of their family. 

Because you must have to understand that success won’t happen overnight. It takes time, hard work, commitment, teachable and willing to adapt to changes.

How does it feel to you when you know you have a family, you have kids, husband pero kailangan mong umalis, lumayo sa kanila dahil kailangan mong kumayod? Ikaw ba pangarap mo na lang maging empleyado for the rest of your life?

Syempre hindi! Gusto mo rin ibigay yong marangyang buhay or magaang pamumuhay sa pamilya  mo. Life is too short kaya dapat bago pa man huli ang lahat, we make ways to achieve them.

With that being said, you’re missing the best part of it which is the quality time, yong wala man lang kayong bonding, memories kasi ung oras mo dapat sa pamilya nakalaan inaagaw ng pagiging empleyado mo and that’s the reality.

And think the opposite, may online-home-based business ka, bonding moments with your loves, time freedom at higit sa lahat kumikita ka pa!

No one had ever achieved success without trying new things, without taking any risk, without doing any actions!

Remember I have two kids that I look over and also I am a full-time working mom (at the moment but not the rest of my life) and I still managed to work on my online business Tours and Travel during my spare time. Make a way for living not all excuses!

“Never trade time for money”.


My Final Thoughts For This Company

“Opportunity knocks only once” very common quote but it’s true!

Will you wait for a decades’ time before you act?

What is 6990 pesos to you compared to what will you gain in return? The materials, training, tools, learning, and support are all ready for you to help you start with your business. 

The best thing about this business?

It is a  multi-billion industry because people travel every day and this is a global market.

Travel and tours business has never been out of trend, there is always a reason to travel.

If you are keen on the offer and discern if this business opportunity is right for you, then ask yourself.



Business Opportunity Awaits You!

I hope to see you soon in the community.

Join Me @ Starlegends Adventures Now! 


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