NWORLD Review: An Honest & Untold Message From An Ex-Member…

Welcome to my NWORLD review!

Chances are, you were approached by a friend or co-worker to try their products or you are looking for a legitimate way to make money online that’s why you came accross on this post.

If anyone is trying to upsell or promote their products or services to you without a prior knowledge, the first thing you must do is to think twice or thrice and do your own research!

First of all, I must congratulate you for taking the time to do your own research before buying into any “seemingly good” product.

That’s the way to avoid being a victim of scams.

I want you to read this blog down before you decide to join and make sure that you don’t have any regrets at all.


What is AlphaNetWorld?

AlphaNetWorld Corporation or NWorld is a Philippine-based networking corporation founded by Julius Nolasco in 2015 who is also happened to be the ex-president of Royale Business Club.

The company is engaged in the marketing of personal care (premium health and beauty products) by using a distinctive method of product distribution through direct selling.

Julius Nolasco was previously the former President of Royale Business Club as a domestic corporation that markets and distributes food supplements, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, and beverages.

However, it was then investigated for widespread tax evasion and corporate fraud.

Below is an image that shows the full tax amount being evaded.

Nworld Tax Evasion

Nworld Tax Evasion

And if you ask what is tax evasion, I have found the meaning from investopedia.com, you can check the link here.

TAX EVASION – Tax evasion is an illegal activity in which a person or entity deliberately avoids paying a true tax liability. Those caught evading taxes are generally subject to criminal charges and substantial penalties. To willfully fail to pay taxes is a federal offense under the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax code.

You want to know more about the details? Check the links below.



What Are the Products of NWORLD?

Nworld Products

Here are the NLIGHTEN products line!

    • O2 Bubble Cleanser – “helps hydrate and rejuvenate the skin”
    • Eye Gel – “naturally helps brighten dark circles”
    • Cloud Cream – “provides an instant brightening effect, making the skin look more healthy and glowing”
    • CC Cushion – “helps achieve flawless coverage and is specially formulated … to help lighten the skin”
    • Body Cream – “a whipper cream-like, non-sticky whitening cream”
    • Underarm Cream – “promotes instant brightening effect … and effectively helps in reducing dark spots and other visible hyperpigmentation”
    • Kojic Papaya – “delicately formulated to make your beauty regimen effortless”
    • Premium Soap – “help cleanse the skin while retaining its natural moisture”.
    • Facial Cleanser – “helps attain a clear and even skin tone”


The NHANCE product line!

    • MemoGro – “a multivitamin syrup for kids”
    • CoQ10 – “helps boost absorption and bioavailability”
    • L-Glutathione – “a powerful antioxidant and detoxifier”


The NCHĀNT products!

    • Lip Cream – “helps repair and recover darkened lips”
    • Gold Mask – “infused with 24 karat gold, diamond powder, collagen, and Triple Peptide EX to help the skin look firmer, more radiant and glowing”


NBODY the essence of beauty and health products:

  • Body Gel – “blended with powerful active ingredients which help target nonessential fat and water deposits under the skin”
  • Coffee Mix – “blended with Garcinia Cambogia which helps reduce the body’s ability to synthesize nonessential fat”
  • Green Juice – a powdered drink blended with powerful natural ingredients (that) help strengthen our cells, help detoxify the bloodstream and help counteract the effects of environmental pollutants”

 So far, Alphanetworld Corporation is legally registered with:

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

2) BIR Certificate of Registration

3) Mayor’s Permit

4) City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) and

5) Barangay Clearance.

And because of their proper permits and licenses, there is no question about their legitimacy.

But the main point here is…


Is NWORLD Right For You?


Thinking of Joining NWORLD?

I made this review because I wanted to extend my own personal experienced with NWORLD. If you have not known me personally, I used to be a distributor of Nworld products and been selling their products maybe for a year? But I found it unfriendly selling and pushing all of their products and that’s why I decided to STOP!

This review is unbiased and again, I based it from my personal experienced as I have mentioned above. There is no reason for me to ruin the credibility of this company and I don’t get anything from it if I do so with this blah, blah, blah.

If it happens you are reading this review, maybe it was not a coincidence that you found out my site and this is really for you!

Furthermore, it is only you who can decide and discern if joining NWORLD is right for you after you read all my insights in this article.

There are many members promoting the products simply because they are members and I was among them but that was before,  because I thought it will truly help me financially for a long-run.

And as a new member, I need to hustle in order to gain back my investment which is my membership that I’d used to purchased the whole package but later on I’d realized that NWORLD is NOT really for me.

These are just few of the reasons why;

  • I hate direct selling and I am not fun of face-to-face selling.
  • Shipping cost and custom fees – everytime I ordered these products, I ended up paying the shipping cost and the 8% tax fees.
  • Inventory – This is very common, if you’re out of stocks you will be worried about reordering again and same thing as to pay the shipping cost and tax fees.

I’d stopped promoting NWORLD not because I am not good at ” Sales Talk” but because I knew from myself  that being a member of NWORLD is not for a long-run business and selling these products are just hard due to it’s costly and competition.

Competition because there are many other options you can find online way cheaper and more effective. Just hit Google and will literally direct you to more choices, brand and other outlets that can guarantee you the quality you deserve! 

If you say it is Korean products, I bet there are more most effective choice to choose online when it comes to K-Products. Trust me!

Aside from the high cost and competition, I also hilight that some of the products were not effective, I did not say all but some of it.

In addition to what I’d mentioned above, you also need to sell products either on a retail or by package in order to get commissions out from your sales.

And what will happened if you can not sell a product by any means? You know this thing called “diskarte” papaano kung wala kang diskarte? Can you still sell and make money? WIll you be able to gain back your expenses?

Wow! Big question for you to think and consider.

But my answer is NO!


Because that’s the only way you will get commission, it is based on your total sales.

So it it really hard to take a risk on this MLM kind of business especially if you have a limited contacts or connection.

Want to know the legitimate way to make money online?

Yes, it is legitimate way where you can build and create your own brand, your own niche website.

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How To Join NWORLD And Be A Distributor?

Okay, I will give you an idea of how to become a member and at the same time a distributor of NWORLD products. ONLY if you are still interested, if not you can skip this part.


Also I have used Philipphine currency on this based on what I have found during my research. But if you want to use your own currency to find out how much it possibly cost you to be a member, you can click on below link to cnvert your currency.


Things you have to do is by choosing any of the following options;

1.) Retailer’s Kit –  any products that fit with your budget of 500 pesos.

 2.) Starter Kit Pack – First, pay in 8,850 pesos

If you choose this package this includes the following:

  •     9,000 pesos worth of products
  •       35% discount on all in-house NWorld products
  •       Free Marketing tools
  •       Personal NWorld Tracking Centre (NTC) and NWorld ID.
  •       Privilege to purchase additional product packages at the distributor’s price.
  •       No retailer kit required
  •       525 Product points and 525 multilevel points. With 1,050 pesos pairing bonus.
  •       750 pesos referral commission.
  •       7,200 pesos for the next package onwards and still get 9,000 pesos worth of products.

3.) Platinum Package  – First Pay in 16,000 pesos

The items listed below are included in the package.

  •       18,000 pesos worth of products
  •       35% discount on all in-house NWorld products
  •       Free Marketing tools
  •       Personal NWorld Tracking Centre (NTC) and NWorld ID.
  •       Privilege to purchase additional product packages at the distributor’s price.
  •       No retailer kit required
  •       Enjoy 1000 pesos product pack rebates for the sponsor and 
  •       900 Product points and 900 multilevel points.
  •       Qualify for periodic incentives and regular incentives. (travel and cash)
  •       15,000 pesos for the next package onwards and still get 18,000 pesos worth of products.

4.) Titanium Package  – First Pay in 15,800 pesos (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

What does the package include?

  •       17,000 pesos worth of products (of your own choice)
  •       35% discount on all in-house NWorld products
  •       Free Marketing tools
  •       Personal NWorld Tracking Centre (NTC) and NWorld ID.
  •       Privilege to purchase additional product packages at the distributor’s price.
  •       Enjoy 1,700 pesos product pack rebates for the sponsor and 
  •       1050 Product points and 1050 multilevel points. With 2,100 pesos pairing bonus.
  •       13,600 pesos for the next package onwards and still get 17,000 pesos worth of products.

How Much Are The Retail Prices? 

I have attached the summary of retail prices for you to see how much it cost for an item individually with below image.


How To Earn With NWORLD?

Before you earn with NWORLD you must have a sale. Same thing goes to any king of MLM businesses. You will earn based on your “sales or referrals”.

In order to make any sales, you will be a  “Salesperson” which is for sure you don’t want to be for the rest of your life and it will never be easy because you need to convince your prospect to patronage the products from you! Or else you won’t get any sales and totally no income.

You will use all your convincing power and skills for that person to buy your products and if you don’t show any effective result, it’s going to be a not a real deal to sell. 

Ask me how to make money online?

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Below listed are ways to earn some profit with NWORLD.

 1.) Retail Sales – This will be your personal sales. Sell the items individually at SRP.

 2.) By Package Rebates – You will get a commission of 1600 pesos if someone will purchase the platinum package of 14,900 pesos.

 Aside from personal selling, NWorld also allows you to build a team of distributors that will complement your own selling. And of course, you may also earn from your team’s sales!

There are also two ways you can earn from team sales: the binary and the multilevel programs.

 3.) BINARY Program – Match Sales Bonus When your left and right match from the person who purchased for a package, you will get a commission of 2,100 pesos.

Each of your Independent Distributor Accounts are given two teams: Team A and Team B. For each package you sell under you (either to other people or to yourself), you have the opportunity to place the Account that comes with it under your either your Team A or your Team B.

For every Account placed under your organization, you earn 1,050 points*. For every 1,050 points in your Team A that matches with 1,050 points in your Team B, you get a Sales Bonus of P2,100 if you make any of these!

(*Note: 1,050 points may also be earned from an accumulation of purchases of individual products.)

Remember that for each account, you can only have Two Teams. Once those positions are filled, any subsequent Accounts from your sales of packages will be placed under the Accounts down the line.

There is no limit on the number of packages you purchase personally or the number of accounts you can have. Here are instances when you may want to consider purchasing more packages:

You may purchase more packages if you want, but for sure it requires more money!

 When you purchase 3 product packages upfront, you may potentially get a profit margin of P9,600 from product sales, and P2,100 from binary sales bonus.

 4.) Multiple Accounts

 When you purchase 7 product packages upfront, you may potentially get a profit margin of P22,400 from product sales, and around P10,500 from binary sales bonus.


When you purchase 15 product packages upfront, you may potentially get a profit margin of P48,000 from product sales, and around P35,700 from binary sales bonus.

When you purchase 255 product packages upfront, you may potentially get a profit margin of P816K from product sales, and around P1.6M from binary sales bonus.

Aside from giving you more products to sell to your customers, having multiple packages/Accounts allows you to go over the maximum income potential for each account of around P882,000 per month. This means that by having multiple packages, you increase your expenses and your investments!




5.) The Multi-Level Program

Another way in which you can earn from team sales is through the Multi-Level Program. This is a rebate-based program where you simply earn points from purchases of products and packages made by yourself or anybody in your team.

As a distributor, you are promoted to certain levels based on the number of Accounts under your teams. Rebates are computed based on your level in the organization, and on the number of points assigned to a product or package. You also earn overrides from purchases made by people under your team.

For example, at the entry or Novice level, you earn 5% of the Multilevel Points of products you purchase. Once elevated to Apprentice, you earn 15% from your own purchases and 10% override over the purchases made by the Novices under your team. And so on.



Do you think it’s easy?


Well it’s not easy at all! You need to be tough and do the sales talk!

And you need a bigger capital for you to avail the prices.


Oh right!


Let me be completely transparent with you, I was a member with NWORLD year 2016 but for a couple of months or let’s just say less than a year, I just quit.

And as you can see on my snip image I have attached below, the evidence of my membership.


So, rest assured that I’m not here to pitch or sell anything to you but to give you an honest or any bias information.

I’m here to send you a message before you jump into a deal. I may reveal to you that my experience within NWORLD Corporation is not good at all and I am NOT promoting it!


I don’t want you to be like me, a victim of regrets and false thought.

Why did I Say Regrets?

The time that I saw this opportunity, I thought that was the beginning of another source of income. So I get excited at first, then later on my mind said to stop and I just did.

I struggled to sell the products which are until now I still have it at home sitting and stock and some were already expired. Some I have ended using it for my personal use,

Some people that I know bought the products and I get complaints in return and said it wasn’t effective, some they wanted, but most of them they rejected and never buy the products from me.

I got no choice but to remain silent and say sorry. I couldn’t give them their money back because it will be my total lost plus there is no guarantee that NWORLD will refund me back the money I have paid them for.

And I never had any recruits during that time like probably 6 months? Because I just simply refused to invite people and I lost confidence with one main reason, I don’t want them to be a victim of a mistaken decision. As I knew it from myself that it won’t last in the long term.


You Want Other Reasons Why Not NWORLD??

You will spend more money than what you will earn.

If you order your package/s with them especially when you are residing abroad, you will shoulder all of the expenses like:

  •       Shipping Fee Sayang lang ang pera mo kaibigan di ba? Dahil ikaw ang magbabayad nito at hindi makakarating ang order mong products kung hindi isesend saiyo through DHL, EMS Post, etc for International maliban na lang kung may magdadalang tao.

Let’s say kung ung order mo mabigat? Eh yung charge sa shipping for example .25 kilos if nasa USA ka and the products will originally ship from Pinas, so yung babayaran mo is 1102 PESOS at saka malamang tumaas na rin ngaon ung standard charges ng mga carriers.

When you order a product especially when you are abroad (outside PHILIPPINES, the shipping fee is high.

 Maganda sana kung katulad ng Amazon, Ebay, 6pm na free shipping.

  •       Tax Clearance – Ngayon naman pagdating ng products sa mail box mo, ikaw pa magdedeclare and at the same time magbabayad ng tax fee.

Depende lang din kung saang bahagi ng mundo ang location mo kasi may mga lugar din namn na exempted sa tax fees.

Not to mention my time and efforts trying to sell the products that I have paid for the package.

Is NWORLD a scam, or is it a legitimate trading platform? 

Find out in this article…


Some people may promote NWORLD but NOT ME!

Obviously, this business is not for everyone.

Some people who joined makes good money but few are NOT making the real result.

Some member are doing well because their recruits or downlines were formerly from the Royale Club whom they carried with them and joined NWORLD.

Some people can sell products because they have a group of people, connections but what if you only have few people to introduce your products? Will you still make any sales?

Then ask yourself…..

What I DON’T like with NWORLD?

1.)   Selling of Products 

Would you like to be a Salesperson?

If you ask me, I wasn’t born to be good in marketing strategies and I don’t have those words “Sales Talk”.

What if for example, you have this problem too? How will you sell your products to get a commission?

 2.)   Networking The same thing as MLM where you have to push selling your products for them to buy your package and if that someone bought your package then you will expect for a sales commission and that person will automatically become a member under your head as your downline.

3.)   Not a Global Market – Beauty products are not necessarily needed for any human to live, hindi mo kailangan magpaganda based sa presyo nang product and besides madami din naman mas affordable na beauty and supplement products na available online with free shipping with high-quality pa yan.

 4.)   Tax Deduction From Your Commission –  Taxes are deductible from your commission.

5.)   Products Are Expensive – Very explanatory itself, mahal ang mga producto, kaya mahirap ibenta.

6.)   NO Money Back-Guarantee –Once you paid and received your package, don’t expect for any refunds.

7.)   Change of Sponsorship – You will only change your sponsor when you are inactive for 6 months.

8.) Inventory Kailangan may lagi kand stocks lalo na pag nasa abroad ka.

My Last Words of Advice

It’s never been easy to promote products and sell especially when you  have a limited friends or acquaintance.

Choose a business that you will never carry products or inventory around, a business that wherever you are around the globe you can always work with even if you on your travels.

A business that will offer you a Worldwide market!

A business that will help you make a “real money” in online business.

I will share you some of my tips about this business opportunity and you will never regret!

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