Can You Make Money Selling Paparazzi Jewelry?

You must have heard, seen or personally own some of the Paparazzi jewelry. Regardless if you own it or not and wanting to try these pieces of bling, you can easily have it for $5.

Some people love fashion and prefer to buy costume jewelry rather than a piece of authentic jewelry like gold, silver because fashion jewelry offers buyers several advantages include cost-effective, variety of styles, colors, designs and creativity.

You can also replicate the look of gold or silver at a fraction of the price. Aside from being affordable, ornaments like Paparazzi jewelry is safer to wear anywhere without any risk of theft or robbery.

Paparazzi jewelry is an affordable piece of ornaments, you can buy sets that match your outfit like going to a party, church activities, recognition or even in business meetings. A pair of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings can be purchased for a small amount of money to match your appearance and personality.

But the question here is…

Can You Really Make Money Selling Paparazzi Jewelry?



Make sure to read it below to find out!


My Personal Experienced With Paparazzi Jewelry

I have a co-worker who signed up with Paparazzi as a member and was invited by one of her relatives.

She had invited me for a couple of months to join her team. She was active and been ordering a lot of stuff every month.

I saw some of her customers were coming to pick their orders at the office and sometimes she goes out for delivery.

So I got curious and asked her, where were you getting those pieces of jewelry?

She said she ordered it online and sell it to get commissions as her side income.

I got more curious and interested to know deeper about Paparazzi jewelry until I was convinced and finally decided to give a try.

Because of my excitement, I wanted to get more items and I signed up with Small Party Kit with $299.

While waiting for my package to arrive, I get so excited about what would be inside the package …and in two weeks’ time, I finally received my package.

Below is the image of my membership log-in as an inactive member of Paparazzi.

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I know, I shouldn’t be sharing this experienced with you or to anyone else as I  feel being stupid, broke and I was just giving away my money but then I am trying to be helpful and at least being honest hoping that someday you can use this as an example and if ever you encounter someone inviting you to join Paparazzi, you can use my experience to relate.

Yeah, that was me who was amazed, delighted, had fun and was excited in the first place without thinking any bad effect to my side. Without thinking if I would be able to sell those items. Would I be getting back the amount of $299 that I have spent? Or it would be a total loss?

My excitement carried me away because it sounds good to be a consultant, right? to be the owner, to be the boss of your own and the thought of working from home. I jump into the conclusion that I wasn’t sure of.

Don’t worry I will be giving an honest and unbiased review through the best knowledge that I know and it’s all up to you decide if this is for you or not.

Woooh! First Day Selling Paparazzi Jewelry

So everything was loaded inside the car, I took the Paparazzi jewelry with me wherever I go and tried to introduce it with my friends.

Yes, they get excited, they bought some, they chose the style they wanted.

Few were sold but the majority was not sold.

I just bare it in my mind that they have probably bought the items simply because they are my friends which is very transparent.

On the second day, I have introduced these items to the people that I know.

And my introduction goes this way…

I have something to offer you, fashion jewelry that everyone can afford and it’s good for your daily outfit.

So my prospect customer had a looked into it and suddenly turned her face to me and said,

I am not fond of fashion jewelry, I want something with a karat or a brand. Even if the lowest karat of jewelry you sell if you have it I will buy as long as it’s a real one.

I couldn’t say anything else than to simply say, sorry this is all I got and I just left that area without any sell.

My question for you is……………


Do You Have A Large Number of People Around You?

When it comes to selling your products online or offline, you must know the number of people you are connected to, the number of people you know especially in offline selling. Offline marketing is not dead but you must know who is your target audience?

If you have limited friends, family and social groups then your business is in a struggle, and I wanted to point out that not all of your friends or people that you know will buy your products.

For example, selling Paparazzi jewelry in a group of people you know from church, school, officemates, schoolmates and any other workplaces.

If you have a great connection of people and know that they are passionate about fashion jewelry then it won’t be an issue at all to sell but if the people around you will like the genuine jewelry and they are willing to pay the cost as long as it’s genuine and they can use it for a lifetime then you have a big problem selling your products.

You must know your audience like, what do they like by the way they wear you can determine it right away.

One thing to consider also is the competition, with the use of the internet nowadays it’s just easy to browse online and order from it. More selections, more chances to compare prices and easy access.

There’s no denying that a large percentage of businesses today have turned their marketing focuses towards the worlds of online and digital marketing instead of offline marketing to stand out from competition business-minded people tend to use online marketing.

In the image below, there are 4.13 billion people. using the internet online Worldwide as a source of information and to buy the products they wanted online.



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Okay to give you complete details, I will be showing you below how to be a member of Paparazzi Jewelry.

There’s no way for me to give a nonsense review because I have experienced it.


Understanding What Is Paparazzi All About

Paparazzi is an inventory based Direct Sales company where you buy items upfront at wholesale prices and then sell them at an affordable and retail price of $5.

That price …is only $5!

Paparazzi Accessories was started by 2 sisters and their husbands because of a passion. They used to make accessories by hand themselves and sell them at events. Paparazzi officially launched as a Party Plan Company in December of 2010 by co-founders Misty Kirby, Trent Kirby, Chani Reeve, Ryan Reeve.

The company was in business for around two years before that, when they were simply selling wholesale jewelry. Accessories are sold exclusively through Paparazzi Consultants, and anyone who wishes to sell the line can do it for themselves.

Paparazzi founders Misty and Trent Kirby, and Chani and Ryan Reeve, continue to expand the company with hands-on leadership and clear purpose. They individually design and source materials for Paparazzi products while working directly with manufacturing partners to create fashion-forward results.


How To Join Paparazzi and Be A Consultant?

In every business, there are instructions or procedures to do first before becoming a member. So, with Paparazzi in order to become a consultant, a member, you just need to avail or purchase the following kits in any of the 3 options. You may want to start from the lowest price of $99, $299 or $499.

1.) Purchase a Starter Kit of $99

35 Pieces of Jewelry Retail Value = $175

This includes 35 pieces of inventory as follows below:

  • Style Snapshot
  • Stylist Tip Card
  • Necklace Bust
  • 100 Pink Sales Bags
  • Paparazzi Party Planner
  • 25 Display Hooks
  • Complete Jewelry Tool Kit
  • 25 Party Invitations
  • Vinyl Window Decal
  • 25 Receipts
  • 5 Consultant Enrollment Forms
  • 10 Thank You Cards
  • 10 Frequent Buyer Loyalty Cards
  • 5 Compensation Plan Brochures


2.) Purchased of $299 Small Home Party Kit

     $299 Small Home Party Kit

     120 Pieces of Jewelry Retail Value = $600

     120 pieces of Jewelry and Accessories

  • 3 Style Snapshots
  • 3 Stylist Tip Cards
  • Necklace Bust
  • Ring Display
  • 50 Pink Sales Bags
  • Paparazzi Accessories Business Success Plan
  • 75 Display Hooks
  • Complete Jewelry Tool Kit
  • 50 Party Invitations
  • Vinyl Window Decal
  • 25 Receipts
  • 5 Consultant Enrollment Forms
  • 10 Thank You Cards
  • 10 Frequent Buyer Loyalty Cards
  • 5 Compensation Plan brochures


3.) Purchased of $499 Large Home Party Kit

$499 Large Home Party Kit

200 Pieces of Jewelry Retail Value = $1000

Let’s look at what comes in the Paparazzi Jewelry $499 Starter Kit:

  • 200 pieces of Jewelry and Accessories
  • 5 Style Snapshots
  • 5 Stylist Tip Cards
  • Necklace Bust
  • Ring Display
  • Earring Display
  • Bracelet Display
  • 100 Pink Sales Bags
  • Paparazzi Jewelry Business Success Plan
  • 100 Display Hooks
  • Complete Jewelry Tool Kit
  • 50 Party Invitations
  • Vinyl Window Decal
  • 25 Receipts
  • 5 Consultant Enrollment Forms
  • 10 Thank You Cards
  • 10 Frequent Buyer Loyalty Cards
  • 10 Compensation Plan brochures
  • Convention Ticket ($185 value)


Okay, now your know-how and the cost to join Paparazzi jewelry.

The next thing we are going to find out is the compensation plan.


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How Much Money Can You Make As a Paparazzi Consultant?

There are several ways you can earn as an Independent Consultant or member of Paparazzi using the compensation plan.

1.) Retail Sales

 In every sale, you made individually you will be getting a profit of $2.25 from each item and this is where the 45% commission profit margin from your inventory on hand.

As a Paparazzi consultant, your original price would be $2.75 when you purchase it from the main office through your website is given and then you will sell the jewelry for $5 bucks.


For example:

I have purchased a package of $299 and this package comes with 120 pieces and I will sell it for $5 bucks per piece. So $5×120 = $600 and less my payment of $299 for this package.

This leaves an amount of $301 as my profit, supposed to be but then..

Additional expenses on this, in our location we have to pay for a tax clearance fee of 8% which is $23.92 of $299 of the package plus an inspection fee of $5 and will give me total expenses of $28.92.

Okay, let’s check this out! How much money will be left?

Let’s do the math!

120 pieces

X 5______


– $299


$ 301


$272.08 Your Potential Profit

If you will be able to sell them all, but the big question is, will you be able to sell them all?

Okay, you might say wow! This is cool, I can make that money in just 1 package purchased?

Well, it all depends on you!

As I have said from the previous part of this review, do you have a large number of people to sell this Paparazzi jewelry?

If you want to justify your answer and tell me there’s an online where I can sell my Paparazzi jewelry.

Well, my question is.. are you willing to pay for the shipping fee? Not to mention, there is intense competition online. Do you think your buyer will want to shoulder the shipping cost when they order from you? If you are determined and said yes then good luck!

One thing we also have to think and consider is the quality of the packaged items, every piece included in the package is the same.

Based on what I have experienced, some of the items we’re looking good, the quality for a $5 price ornament was more than what you think of $5, that’s why people whom you have shown the stuff in the first place had already picked the best one.

And how about the rest?

Well, I’ll tell you honestly. It’s going to be hard to dispose of or sell. So simply the result, you will end up using it, self-consumption and you lost money!


2.) Build Your Team

Just like any other MLM companies like Amway, Herbalife, Avon, Vorwerk and many more you will get a commission from the person who joined under you as a referral.

As a Paparazzi consultant, you will get up to 10% commission on those who join your team.

My question is…

Do you know anyone to join you in order for you to build a team?

I will honestly tell you, I never had any referral who join me it’s not the reason that I don’t know anyone but because I don’t want others to experience what I had experienced.

Indeed, I didn’t do my part to invite, introduce or convince someone to join me, I knew it from myself that it’s not going to work, it won’t work for the long-term.

Maybe others are doing fine, making money out of it but for others including myself who are looking for long run business, you might want to give a try on Affiliate Marketing.


Who is Paparazzi For?

If your personality is fond of fashion, customized jewelry accessories and love to sell these products both online or offline then you can consider yourself to sign up for a membership.

When you are passionate about wearing different accessories and love to go to a party then you might give a try to see but then after all my pitched on this review I hope you are able to discern and decide without any regrets at the end if you still choose to join.


What I don’t want with Paparazzi?

These are just a few things I wanted to mention.

1.) Inventory 

Can you imagine how much hassle is it to when you always think about your inventory available for your customers?

The Paparazzi model encourages buying inventory for you to sell. The goal is to sell the purchased inventory at a profit. This is can be risky. What if you can’t sell it?

On the other hand, I want to share with you how to do business without thinking and dealing with any inventory. What I do as a living is being an Affiliate Marketer.

2.) Return Policy 

Paparazzi’s return policy is extremely limited. It only allows returns within 3 days for defects and damage. If a consultant can repair the jewelry isn’t eligible for return. End customers (not consultants) have 10 days to return damaged products. An inventory buyback is available to consultants (for less than the purchase price) but there are many strict rules.

3.) Maintaining Status As An Active Consultant

In order to be an “ACTIVE” Paparazzi Consultant, you need at least 50 PV’s each calendar month. 50 PV’s translates into 25 pieces. So a Paparazzi Consultant needs to purchase 25 pieces a month to be called Active.

You must purchase 50 units of personal volume to maintain active status. The costs for this PV in $5 jewelry are about $70 each month. You must be an active consultant to show up in the consultant finder, to be eligible for commission checks, and to receive other benefits.


People’s Complaints with Paparazzi Accessories

Upon doing my review for Paparazzi, I stumbled to one of the reliable websites which is Better Business Bureau and it gave me the information that I was looking for.

The number of people who filed a complaint against Paparazzi.

And if you want to know more about the details, you may click the link below.



My Final Opinion Of Paparazzi

Though it can be fun, selling Paparazzi takes many hours and is a big investment of your time.

A question you should ask yourself: is this the most effective way to spend your time? Is the return on your time enough that you wouldn’t be better off spending time on another job or opportunity?

Think if there’s any assurance for you that you can be able to sell all your inventories if not you will end up using it and lost all your money invested for this Paparazzi jewelry.

Find something alternative that you worry less about your sales talk, stocks, tax fees, shipping, quality of a product, a business that you can work wherever you are. A business that you can manage from the comfort of your home.

Are you excited to know?

This is an All-In-One business PLATFORM opportunity that no one will be better that provides all the training, tools and support that everyone can leverage and achieved success online.


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