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My name is Leila and I am glad you have found my page with the intention of;

  • Providing you my opinion and reviews for certain products or services if it’s recommended or not to avoid being a victim of SCAMS online.
  • Showing you the real way of making true success and how to make real money online.
  • Sharing you the easy guidelines to follow, this will help you create your own website online.

I have been a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate since 26th November 2018. I found this in my spare time as I have been searching from the web on how to make money (at least a part-time job) while I am still working with my full-time job until I get stumbled to Wealthy Affiliate in a “Make Money Online” blog.

From ZERO-Knowledge To Premium

Back in the days, I really wanted to have my website but the main thing is I don’t know exactly how to start, how to put things together as I was a total newbie in the fields of the online industry.

I never knew anything about niche, keywords, email marketing, domain, PPC, SiteRank, Google Analytics and many more to mention some sort of stuffs related to a website not until I found this training platform that had helped me and I am glad that my curiosity always push me like to know what is it.

I questioned myself, how could these people start building their websites? That’s the beginning I wondered and wanted to find how.

Was asking myself with too many questions: How to do that, how to do this? How can I start, Where to start? And from that moment of wondering…

I, myself had started exploring the internet, frankly, I never know anything from the very beginning. It was a newbie, everything was foreign to me and everything was just overwhelming at first.

I saw people’s posts sharing their success stories from their news feeds websites generating a passive income and I am very impressed and I said…

WOW! I want to be successful like them and from that moment I never hesitate nor have a second thought, I became a starter member and upgraded to PREMIUM member without any hesitations.



Wealthy Affiliate – The Home of Affiliates!

You know why? Just a little background about me to share with you.

Since 2007 after I have graduated college as a BSC major in banking and finance in the Philippines. I’d fly to one of the Pacific Island, American Samoa for an employment opportunity and to be employed.

I have been a

  • Grocery Store Cashier
  • Bookkeeper
  • Secretary
  • Admin Assistant

It’s true I got a job but for what? Trading my time for $6 per hour and I wasn’t happy about it.

And it’s hurting me to think that this was never my dream, I never dream to be employed for the rest of my life.

Tired at work and I don’t have the freedom to do the things that I am passionate about because being an employee means I have to work from 8-4 but in America, the time is from 9 to 5. And I am sick about it. I know my time is more worth it rather than working for someone else’s.

So freaking tired and I wanted to change my life with purpose and for the best, I can be!

What Are Your Deepest Why

Think of many reasons why you want success in life and you don’t have to think that far. Simply think of your family. Your family’s future. Your family means a lot and you want to provide the best you could ever give. Each of us has a family that we care about.

I, myself… want to give my family most of my precious time, I want to give them the most convenient shelter, affordable education, food, necessary medical support, transportation and everything that I may be able to contribute for our family.

Life is too short for us on earth not to enjoy these basic things we needed in life but truly we can’t experience these if we are financially lacking.

And the reality of this world? People won’t know you when you got NO power, needless to say when you do NOT have money. Nowadays, it’s very sad to think that way but that’s what reality is.

One of many reasons is I wanted to change my life. I wanted to experience that time freedom and financial breakthrough. Yes, I wasn’t happy about my job. Being an employee living by paycheck to paycheck every week makes me sick.

And yeah, I do have my deepest why!

Why I created my websites online;

  •  To quit my job in the near future and never dream to be an employee for the rest of my life.
  • I want to work from the comfort of my home and around my family.
  • I want to watch my kids grow and spend most of my time with them.
  • As everyone aims, I want my time freedom and financial breakthrough.
  • I am not a morning person and hate to wake up every single morning just to face the cash register.
  • want to travel the world with my family as everyone does.
  • I would love to help other people achieve success and freedom through online marketing and for them to…
  • Avoid scams online, as I built this website I wanted you to be aware of phishing schemes, pyramiding and mostly to avoid being a victim of fraud information and hyping products online.

I know can I do better something aside from being an employee. Something I can contribute to our household, I can provide a better future for my kids and something I can share with the world, especially to you who are reading this now.

This is not a coincidence that you came along to my page and I believe that there is a purpose.

And this is the right opportunity to share it with you.

A Simple But Big Mission to Help Others

The knowledge I learned from this community is un-measurable that is why I wanted to give it back by sharing with others. Imagine me from being Zero-Knowledge to up today, it was a big change.

To what I am now; I can write blogs, I can write reviews, I own a website that is up and running and mostly I am confident that I am doing the right thing because I am in the right place that taught me all of these.

I have learned the proper training, guidelines with the tasks to accomplish, I wouldn’t be able to accomplish any of it without them. I am very thankful that I found this website who helped me a lot to achieved and learned things that I never know in my life.

If you want to become a successful online;


Free Account, Affiliate Marketing
Free Wealthy Affiliate Account, Be An Affiliate Marketer.

But do understand being an online marketer

  • This Will NOT Teach You To Get Rich Quick Scheme
  • It Will Require Commitment & Consistency
  • It Needs Time & Effort 


The Community Who Helped Me Build My Websites!

This is one of the most well know training platforms and communities for learning to affiliate marketing. If you’re looking to get started as an affiliate marketer, then it’s definitely worth a look and it’s even good for people with great experiences in online affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate provides all the training that you needed to start up on your own. The same training that I have used to build this website where you are reading now.

I have met a group of amazing people who are very helpful with 24/7 site support and yes, I am glad to introduce to you The Home of Affiliate Marketers! Where there is a room for everyone both for newbie or expertise alike.

I wouldn’t be able to tell you all about here as I may consume much of your time but my advice is for you to give it a try yourself. So you will experience the same things as I said. There are so many things to learn inside the community.

As people saying “it doesn’t hurt to give a try”.

You will see it yourself if you give a try below!

My #1 recommended Training Program in making money with online industry.

My #1 recommended Training Program in making money online. The most sophisticated platform that will guide you through


I Wanted To Spread This Good News To The Whole World!

I would love to share this online opportunity for those who are interested in affiliate marketing and to anyone who is serious about making money online for the long-run.

Start an online website now especially for business purposes and of course for those who want to change their lives and aim to be successful online.

There is so much misleading information all over the internet and if we are not being careful about it, we might be one of the victims and I don’t want you to be a victim of scams.

But wait…

Do you know what makes me a little regret?

This is what I have wished for, I hope I have found this training at an early age. I must have been way better and successful online. Now, I am in my early 30’s when I found and have started being an affiliate marketer.

Now, this is a great chance for you.

As I said, there is nothing better than being your own boss! And don’t dream to be an employee for the rest of your life. Always make a way out and you won’t regret!

  • Join our journey with me.
  • Follow me.
  • Ask me for help and
  • Offer your own opinion.

Thanks for stopping by at Reliable Affiliate Marketer and listening to my story.

Your story can be just as incredible and exciting with a little hard work and dedication.

And YES, it’s only you who can make your own story!!! Make It Happen!


Free Wealthy Affiliate Account
Free Wealthy Affiliate Account

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Let’s make the affiliate magic happen!

All the best,



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