What’s up everyone? Welcome to Reliable Affiliate Marketer.com

My mission is to help YOU to make more money online and I know it's 100% possible for anyone who is serious about taking this path.
I started some years ago without any prior experience, not knowing what a niche, keyword, or Landing Page is, but nowadays I have learned all these things with the help of the Internet.

Day by day I have accomplished something by applying what I have learned. I have done this like; learn, apply, learn apply.
I have learned how to make money from blogging. I've been doing this successfully for more than 3 years now, and honestly, it's a lot easier than what you think. I can definitely show you how I started building this awesome lifestyle.

But honestly, for me, it's never been easy to get rich in this kind of business. You have to do it consistently, work, and burn your butt off! It is not an easy rich scheme to find the result, you need to keep building your website and treat it as your business and not just an overnight effort.

BUT after all, it's all worth rewarding!

Having the time FREEDOM to do what I love to do, spending quality time with my kids and being able to watch them while they grow.

In fact, Reliable Affiliate Marketer.com was built while I was working with my 9-5 grind. It was a big awakening and realization to me, a slap to my face telling me that I am unhappy and it's just a very sad life to be employed pretending that I'm okay trading my 8 hours for the sake of a per hour wage.

How Do You Hate Your Alarm Clock?

This is it, when you are employed or working for someone else you gotta make sure your alarm clock is working, so you need to rise up and get ready every single day to head to your workplace.

To me, it felt like a push-button every time I heard this…ring…ring…ring..from my alarm. Not considering reaching my work by commuting and there's this traffic every morning.
All I wanted then was to work from my comfort zone without rushing to leave our doorstep every morning and then you end up with a boss you really hate to work with.

Sounds familiar?
Yeah, it's just annoying.

Well, that dream came true, when I finally made up my mind to quit my job so I can have my FOCUS and start my online marketing to the fullest in August 2022, the time I have decided and am serious about making money online. Reliable Affiliate Marketer.com was built on the 19th of January 2019.

Now, I can show you exactly how I did it and how you can repeat the same process I made.
I wasn't a techie about how to make money online but because of the training that taught me, I was able to build it this way.

I used to be employed, a job that I really didn't like (it was an auto dealership job where I spent my 5 years but after being employed for a while, I began thinking and worried about my family's future working for them building their dreams and not my dreams and it required cold calling and stuff like that, plus a company with no retirement benefits for their employee) and I don't really feel optimistic for myself.

Trading my hours made me sick and I felt bad about my financial future. Yeah, it's true, I get paid every single week BUT it's just good enough to cover our monthly bills which made me really worried because it is NOT secure and to consider my regular pay was just good for daily survival and it never allowed me to have any savings at all as it is difficult when you have a very low source wage.

So I chose this path to be an internet marketer which allows me to have freedom and mostly because I could do it from the comfort of my own home and according to my own schedule.

Well, before I forget, let's get to know a little bit about me…

Where originally i came from?

I was born and raised from my beloved country Philippines. I have 3 siblings in our family, I was the second to the oldest. I went to both public schools, my elementary and high school.

Then finished up my 4 years college degree year 2006 with a Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Banking and Finance. After my graduation from college, my mother petitioned me to reside in American Samoa in 2007, one of the Islands here in the South Pacific.

American Samoa is a blessed island where I met my husband and we currently reside here with my 3 adorable kids.

They are my deepest why and my motivation to keep me going! You can see us below. 

…and this is an eye opener to me that pushed me to start an internet-based business so that I could work on my computer from home while watching my babies and I prayed that even just earning $40 a day will make me happy because $40 is basically 8 hours pay in American Samoa as a full-time employee.

But then it took me several months of stumbling around, jumping from here to there, browsing the internet, click after a click on Google, and have watched a lot of advertising ad videos. I was then easily convinced to join the easy get-rich scheme, in short, I got scammed online because I thought they were real.

I began to wander again and Googled "How To Make Money Online"

That's exactly what I typed with Google in 2019. I kept seeing programs and other online opportunities that seemed to be true.
I found a place that taught me that making money online is not an overnight get-to-rich scheme. But instead, they told me that making money online takes time through consistency, dedication, and hard work and to treat it like your own business just like any other traditional business.

Thank God I finally found the one, the legit platform that taught me on how to make money online, this place is called Wealthy Affiliate.

They were the legit online training center I was looking for. After three months of training, I made my first $31.50 sale through my website, thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.

I have discovered people have been making $1000, $2,000, $6,000, $8,000 , $10,000, and much more because of Wealthy Affiliate and I see people's testimonies and successful stories doing online marketing with the teaching of Wealthy Affiliate.

So I knew for myself this is the place that I was looking for and I know Wealthy Affiliate will give me the life that I ever wanted! Without any hesitation, I joined Wealthy Affiliate without any doubt!

The best part of starting your own website or affiliate blog is there is NO limit, no one can control you. You can work anytime, anywhere, any moment you want to work is allowable and applicable.

There is no qualification or requirements to learn, no degree is required! You can basically learn everything online without any limits!
To make money online has never been easy, you need to work it out!

You need to know the most essential core aspect to build a website;

  • Choose your niche
  • Build your content
  • Attract traffic
  • Earn your rewards

Get your free membership to Wealthy Affiliate or CLICK the below image!

Have questions about me or my business? Leave them in the comments below... and I will get back to you! Thanks for sharing your valued time with me.

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I was once like you who started as a beginner and from a Zero knowledge about Making Money Online until one day a realization came to me that urged me to search from Google browser and typed the same as is "how to make money online?"

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